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Original art, hand made to the highest standards.

Created with Maya, Houdini, Arnold, ZBrush, Substance Painter, RizomUV and more.


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Watch Brian R Hanke's debut feature film Perceptarium.

Starring Daniel Carberg, Brianna White and Monica Saviolakis.

Winner — Best First Time Filmmaker, Chautauqua International Film Festival 2019.

Now available on Amazon. Coming soon to other streaming platforms.


Born in Vermont, Brian R Hanke enjoyed a decade-long career as a classical pianist in Los Angeles before moving to New Hampshire to focus on filmmaking and visual art.

In the years 2016-2018 he released a music video, Aria for Strings, a short experimental film, The Dream, and a surrealist series of videos and images, The New Surrealism. In 2019 Brian finished his first feature film, Perceptarium, a fantasy drama influenced by David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick.

Inspired by the experience of creating visual effects for Perceptarium, Brian founded Brian Hanke Global Creative. BHGC provides high quality creative products, educational materials and consulting worldwide, specializing in computer graphics, digital fine art, film, and animation.

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