Welcome to the newest incarnation of BrianHanke.com!

I’ll be keeping this site frequently updated with all my creative projects. Readers will find:

1. Piano performance videos on YouTube and Vimeo.
2. My compositions, posted to YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud.
3. Technical articles about digital music creation.
4. Interview-style videos about creativity and how to play piano.
5. Sharing the process as I learn to draw and paint.
6. Links to a variety of things I find interesting.
7. Lots more!

For the time being I’ll be posting a little bit of a backlog as I get the ball rolling. Things will get more current over the next few weeks.

At the top of every page you’ll find links to my YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and Vimeo accounts. Everything I post here will show up on Twitter and Tumblr as well, so follow me on one or both of those services to keep in the loop.

Last but not least, I’m adding a tip jar in the form of PayPal and Bitcoin donation links at the bottom of each post. If you enjoy what I do, please consider showing your support. It’s fast, easy, and appreciated!